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Mesh Morpher 2.0.3 is Live for UE5!

Bellow you can find the 2.0.3 patch notes .

  • [MM-211] Implemented the ability to select boundary vertices

  • [MM-212] Implemented the possibility to create Morph Targets from FBX files. See notes.

  • [MM-213] Cleared files from unnecessary includes.

  • [MM-214] Fixed a bug where OBJ importer wouldn't process quad meshes correctly

  • [MM-216] Implemented RebuildTangentBasis in baking Morph Targets to Skeletal mesh. Hopefully this will generate more consistent baking results.


Creating Morph Targets from FBX files has been implemented to remove the need to import the FBX files in the engine first, which is causing vertices count/order inconsistencies by getting the meshes optimized by the Engine.

Mesh Morpher is only attempting to get the highest vertex count LOD(LOD0) when importing FBX files.

This has been tested with FBX files exported from UE, Maya and Blender.

This functionality is still experimental so please don't hesitate to report back with issues and suggestions.

Hope you find this update helpful.

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