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Mesh Morpher 2.0.1 is Live for UE5!

Bellow you can find the 2.0.1 patch notes .

  • [MM-176] Transform Gizmo in Transform Tool now allows Scaling

  • [MM-177] Convert float to double precision. This allows for higher quality Morph Targets when working with Mesh Morpher. However, UE's deltas are still floats.

  • [MM-178] Indicator now is drawn in Mesh Component Scene Proxy

  • [MM-182] Convert Tools to UMG Widgets

  • [MM-185] Fixed a bug in UMeshMorpherToolHelper::GetNormalizedLength

  • [MM-186] Implemented the ability to get the bounds of mask selection in UMeshMorpherMeshComponent

  • [MM-187] Updated Shortcuts for Commands

  • [MM-188] Implemented Toggle Mask Selection Command

  • [MM-190] Implemented Clear Mask Selection Command

  • [MM-204] Support for Mac

  • [MM-205] Removed Enable/Disable build mesh data functionality

  • [MM-206] Fixed a bug where progress bars wouldn't show up

And various fixes and improvements here and there.

Hope you find this update helpful.

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