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Mesh Morpher 1.7.3 is Live!

Bellow you can find the 1.7.3 patch notes .

With version 1.7.3 Mesh Morpher officially starts to support UE5.

I've managed to overcome an issue that didn't allow me to have a single source repository for 4.26, 4.27 and UE5.

The issue was EditorFramework module dependency required by UE5 build.

After some investigations I've managed to find the solution.

BuildVersion Version;
var File = BuildVersion.GetDefaultFileName();
if(BuildVersion.TryRead(File, out Version))
    if(Version.MajorVersion == 5)
        new string[]
} else 
    throw new BuildException("Couldn't read engine version.");

The above code allows us to add module dependencies specific to our version requirements which is great.

In order to run Mesh Morpher in UE5 you no longer have to request separate zip file. You can now go to UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\MeshMorpher and copy the folder to YourProject/Plugins folder.

Hope you find this update helpful.

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